Challenge 2018

Save our Bees

Kathy Duffee has set our 2018 Challenge and has given us the theme of ‘Save our Bees’. With new farming methods with their use of pesticides and other viruses that affect our bees, we are at risk of losing one of the most important workers in food production. During the second world war, beekeepers were given extra sugar rations in order to keep their bees in good health as the government recognised the importance of bees, especially the honey bee in food production.



Kathy reminisced about how she used to help her head teacher at school look after the beehives which were kept on the school roof, which of course have long gone now!

Kathy’s challenge is to make a quilt of any size connected to the Honey Bee that describes bees, hives, honey, gardens, flowers etc.

The quilt can be any quilted item that might include quilts, cushions, bags, pin cushions, iPad covers etc. and you can use any technique you like e.g. paper piecing, appliqué, fabric manipulation etc.

Presentation of the challenge pieces will be at the July meeting when we will have a couple of beekeepers visiting us to tell us more about bees and honey and he will bring honey to sell as well. Mmmh!

So time to buzz off and have a think what you might create… and remember honeycombs are hexagon shaped.

More information about bees can be found here